I’m getting a little choked up over here. I went on, where I submitted most of my poetry a few months ago, and for some reason I checked the stats on my account: over 1,000 hits!

That might not seem like much to those of you that get thousands for every wordpress post, but I get like maybe…10 a month…and to have that many people reading my writing just makes my heart clench a little. I keep asking myself “why?” But I don’t get an answer. Why would that many people write the hopeless-romantic-non rhyming crap I write down in “poetry form”?

I guess it’s their gift of generousity. Either way, I LOVE IT. 🙂

Forgive me for the typos, for I’m writing from my school’s computer and it acts funny; blocks funny (usually unnecessary) stuff.

In other news, I am still donating blood next Tuesday. But now I got a friend to go along with me! Just one sitting at a blood drive can save the lives of three people, did you know that? My hour or so sitting in the lunchroom/hallway of an elementary school could save someone’s life. And that’s why I do it, that’s why I donate.

Graduation from highschool is coming up on me really fast. A part of me is so extremely happy to be moving on and growing up. I want to have my own house and decorate it, meet a man who I can begin to…love?…and start a family all my own. Isn’t that the “American Dream”?

College is scary though, intimidating. Highschool has always been realtively easy for me, when I actually try, and the friends and connections I’ve made here, I don’t want to lose! But it’s inevitable, isn’t it? 😦 I feel like acting like a 5 year old and stomping my foot, but that won’t change anything either.

Class change is about to happen; I have to get off the computer.
Maybe I’ll post again in 6th period. Maybe not.


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