August Rush

Let’s picture this:

On one of the hottest days of the year in West Georgia, my mother wakes me up at nine in the morning (when i was still sore and tired from the 2:30 AM night I had had the night before), and forces me to go with her to the store. NOT all she was planning on dragging me to that day. –When my mom goes to the store, she doesn’t go to pick up a few things; she goes for two or three hours, spends a few hundred dollars stocking up on groceries for the next week or two. And you do not want to be the person chosen to go with her, lately it’s been my stepdad…not this time *whines*

So while loading and unloading a whole bunch of grocery bags in and out of my mom’s car (up a flight of steps) in the direct sunlight, I’m left to do it all myself. When my sister came over to hang out (she’s 21), we went to go get my niece from her other grandmother’s house, but stopped at every single effin yard sale from here to there.

We hit at least ten, probably¬†more. *whines again* It was miserable because every time you step out of the car it’s like walking through an oven. And then we¬†never really found anything that was decent to buy, so we spent all day sweating through the sunlight for nothing.

So when I got home, I slept for four hours. hehehehe. That’s the perks about having a room downstairs away from the rest of the house: it’s my own private little refuge, no sound, and I can sleep for as long as I want to undisturbed so long as no one opens the basement door. Yes, if you’re asking “why the hell is she sleeping in the basement”, it’s built-in and very nice (and alllll mine) :]]

It’s only the 2nd day of August, and I’m already hoping for November weather. Hurry!