I Am a donor.

I have started a blog called “I Am a donor”, and I feel better about this decision than I have about anything in a long time. I haven’t been the most charitable person in the past like I’ve wanted to be, and recent inspiration opened my eyes to just how much I could do, even as a teenager.

I have an appointment to donate blood to the American Red Cross on February 9th and it was so easy, I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner. It took maybe ten minutes to sign up on giveblood.org, and then I just had to choose my appointment time and place which is RIGHT by my school.

I finally checked on the bone marrow thing, which I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I have to be 18 and I have to get my BMI down, but once I meet those requirements I will be fully eligable to have the minor surgery.

Now bone marrow donations are sort of a big deal, and I don’t recommend it for everybody psychologically. But for any of you that can, it really means something to help save the lives of others.

But I won’t get as deep into my thoughts and feelings about this on this blog. That I save for my other one. I would be more than happy for anybody who reads this to check out that site, and see if you would be interested in following any of the links under my “Contribute” category. No, I’m not asking for money or “donations” to me. There are links to other websites where you can volunteer your time, food, and clothing, or there are more medical links like hair clippings donations, blood, and marrow.

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