Good early night!

Oh, wow; I guess I haven’t posted on here in a bit. And I do apologize for that. But in my defense!…I did lose my computer for two weeks (lack of charger to charge batter *tear*), so that does kind of explain everything.

So no, I haven’t checked anyone’s blogs or tweets (tehe), any livejournals or facebooks in a little over two weeks — but I plan on catching up with all of that this weekend. =)

So much to talk about. I have Spring Break which is just a story in and of itself, so we can start with that.
Quick overview: I got hit on by a twenty year-old clerk guy working at the South Georgia Ingles Gas Station checkpoint (got to see him two awkward times after that…nice :/); my 23 year-old sister decided to do acrabats on a childrens’ playground and fractured her elbow, I boldly flirted and am sure to have gotten the number of a very adorable worker at the Wildlife Animal Safari Cafe` in South Georgia, I got to spend a whole 24 hours under a Tornado Watch (THAT was fun!), four hours of that in the “bathroom building” (kind of like a shack…) because there were tornados buzzing all around us but never actually hitting us, listening to my mother lay the guilt-trip THICK on me because I decided not to go with her to Panama City Beach; I got to pet a water buffalo! And a llama! And watch these little portbelly baby pigs run around (adddooorabbble, and fairly clean! O.O); I played on the jungle gym/monkey climby thingy on a kid’s playground in the middle of the night (while camping) while talking to multiple friends on my cellphone and texting others; I froze my socks off; I flirted consistently with a married (22 year-old) man (I know…bah-humbug.) [but that’s nothing unusual with him, roasted marshmallows over an open-fire, took a thug picture with three of my homedawgs in South Georgia (will post later, I promise), found out three more people are pregnant at my school and now refuse to drink the water there, finished a chapter of “Jasper” and TWO chapters of “Base”; I slept in a tent on an air mattress for two nights — slept in a camper for three of the other nights (the last three), reorganized my room, worshiped my bed (you know what I mean) when I got home because it was not a camper or a tent, got caught up on ever DVR’d show that I’d missed in the week I was gone, fried the batter charger to my computer (mentioned), bought an orange wolf hand-painted picture from the said Cafe` (that Levi, [cute worker] worked at), bought a new book, finished four books (whilst camping).

….and that’s the quick overview. I could ellaborate on every one of those things, but I am tired and I have a Yearbook Field Trip to go on tomorrow; and I have to be up at 6:00AM to be at school by 7:45AM (ew!).

Oh, did I mention we just got to look at the finished yearbooks today and they are mega-awesome!!!? I didn’t? Hm.
They’re beautiful. So much better than I thought. I swear some OTHER school did this and replaced their’s with ours as a prank, because I wasn’t aware we could make something with that level of stupendiosity.