I love you.

The title is inspired by


#nowplaying “Say Hey, I Love You” – Michael Franti (feat. spearhead).

I say hey I be gone today
But I be back around the way
Seems like everywhere I go
The more I see
the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you

Now wordpress knows all about my negative view on love. That hasn’t been a secret these past couple of angst-ridden years. But neither has my never-ending search for “l. o. v. e.” been a secret either. It’s like a unicorn or something — when you’re young, and vital, you just want it to be true, but you get older and realize that it’s not going to happen. But a little of that hope, that want, remains.

Now this song holds a little place with me because I saw them, Michael Franti & Spearhead, live. I got a hug, picture, and a kiss on the cheek from the electric guitarist, Jay (: They all opened for John Mayer (which I may have told you all before).  So I feel …proud of them? I’m not sure how to express that feeling. It’s the same I hold for Stephenie Meyer, and how popular her whole franchise has become. I want to just go up to her, slap her on the back and be like “YEAH, you go girl.” But…being tackled by her security isn’t how I want to spend my evening.

—-> I’ll add more to this later, wordpress. Gone to dinner.

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