Multi-tasker in the rain…

Alright, I’ve wanted to make a post for the longest time, but I hadn’t the chance or the time to sit down and focus on my blogging.

I just got off work a couple of hours ago, & I must say that this was a pretty bad day as far as workdays go. It started off with my manager hovering on my ass 100% of the time, changing my working position multiple times, and giving conflicting directions on what I should be doing. Yes, the job itself can be difficult at times, but it is not that hard. I do not need constant supervision of a woman who yells like a banshee, and doesn’t possess a lick of grammar. That specific manager is really good at her job, but her people skills and the way that she treats her employees could definitely use some work.

Saturday and Sunday I work, both at 7 am, so that is both good for my paycheck, and easy on my sleep schedule. Today I had to get up at 4am to be at work at 5, and I was so tired by 10am I was ready to drop. Yes, it was my fault that I stayed up a little later than I’d planned to, but…I’m not regretting it. I was on webcam with Rapha and I get so caught up in him sometimes, so distracted by the way he talks to me and such, that I don’t notice or mind the time. Who cares.

WordPress, wherever you’re located, I hope the weather there is better than it is here. The exact opposite of what I like in good weather has been occuring: hot, humid, and sometimes rainy downpours that pop up in any instant, and make for a very muggy afternoon. That’s what happened today. All three. Georgia is usually a good place to live because it has a stable environment, less busy cities, while still maintaining an urban atmosphere.

Oh, something I never mentioned to you all — I went camping for Spring Break, in a local lake, with my family and closest friend, Katrina, who I have mentioned before. We left yesterday afternoon due to financial and energy constraints, so for the rest of the break, besides the times I have to work, I have nothing to do. Which, if you think about it, isn’t that much time. Like…tonight, tomorrow day & night, and then the weekend evenings.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll go see a movie or something, if I can get the money from mom.

My self-esteem is pretty much nilch, which I have tried to explain to some people (person), but lately I’ve felt a little…better about myself. Having someone close to you that treats you exceptionally well, and seems to see you in a positive light will make anyone perk up, but I have the luck of having this someone be extremely attractive, both in mind and spirit. Lucky me (:

I hate that I can’t post at school anymore, which was what I used to use to update so often, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’m really anxious for this year to finish out, and a brand new one to start…

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