This will be a short one; I’m still at home, and I haven’t done a thing about getting dressed for school. But, my school’s stupid-blocking-system I mentioned a few posts ago has discovered wordpress, I think, and will not allow you to log in to wordpress…so I haven’t been able to post there in days.

A good friend of mine has introduced me to a new band, The Veronicas — which yes, I know, are not technically new, but they’re new to me. I am usually biased toward lead female singers, because of their tendencies to whine the lyrics, but all of  t.V.’s songs aren’t like that, so I can appreciate them.

I played my piano for that international friend of mine for the first time, and I was nervous as hell, but he didn’t laugh at me…so we’re good (: I am self-conscious about my playing, because I don’t even begin to compare to some other pianists I know, or know of.

Anyway, school beckons.
I may come back and post on here after school.

Work tomorrow. Bah.
(: Goodmorning, wordpress.


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