Remember Me.


Who else saw the movie? Remember Me, starting Emile de Ravin & Robert Pattinson?

It was breathtaking, and exceeded all my expectations by a mile. One thing about this movie that also succeeded: Robert breaking out of his “vampire” role. Sure, he has acted in other movies like Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire, and even stared in his own movie “Little Ashes”, but this movie was right in the mainstream, advertised everywhere, with a big company (Summit Ent.) backing it.

And he pulled it off like a champ 🙂 Kudos Rob, kudos.

I’ll admit, I am an Edward Cullen fan first and foremost, and I have tried with much of my power to keep my adoration for the character from influencing my interest in “Mr. Pattinson”.  I don’t believe the two worlds should mingle off-screen — I know a few people who wouldn’t agree to that, and that’s fine. But Robert was astounding in this movie; when I watched it I didn’t see “Edward” or even “Robert Pattinson”. I saw Tyler.  That shows how extensive his acting was, and how engrossed I got in the movie.

I won’t give any spoilers on this blog or anywhere else, but I will say that the unexpected ending just made the movie that more enjoyable as a whole. Okay, maybe not enjoyable, because of the emotional impact it tolls, but an ending is an ending, and we have to accept (as viewers, and fans of the movie) that the director and the writer of the script knew how the story had to come to a close. It fit everything together, a synopsis of all the characters’ worlds, and finally came to a powerful end.

Emile de Ravin was beautiful — stunning. Girl, you don’t get enough credit, sitting beside your hunky co-star (yep, I said hunky); because as an actress you ROCKED IT. I wish I could give all you guys a hug, the entire cast…but that’s a little personal, huh?

Adeiu, wordpress, I must go visit the neighbors puppies before bed, and get something in my stomach before that.

Goodnight 🙂


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