Oh, I forgot! It’s the second day of March — happy March Madness! (lame, I know. Work with me)

I have been writing on this blog since August of 2008, and even though it doesn’t seem like that much time to me, the numbers are impressive. I’ve never held on to one thing for very long in my life, and though this is just a little blog with few — one — viewer(s),  it still gives me a sense of pride to have kept up with it this long. Sure, I skipped a few weeks or so last year, but I’m doing good now. (This is my second post today!)

For any of you who are keeping up with my reading, which is none of you, I finished reading Dear John and have a strong opinion of it now: it sorta blows. The book anyway, I haven’t seen the movie. I guess what I really didn’t like about it was the main character’s view on the world, and the fact that he kept making decisions that he knew (but “didn’t know”) would kill their relationship in the first place. I didn’t like who died. I didn’t like the ending. It was all angsty and not extremely well written like some of Nicholas Sparks’ other stuff. The idea of Dear John is beautiful! But the written text, meh, not so much. Many of my fellow hopeless romantics may strongly disagree with me, but I’ve made my statement.

A few things I did like: how smart Savannah Lynn Curtis was. Known as just Savannah through most of the book, she gives the book a gust of fresh air: her loyalty to her cause, and the ideas through which she sees the world is full of maturity beyond her years. My only problem with her is the fact that at times she can seem like a Mary Sue, a perfect character. Sparks tries to prevent this by giving her little flaws: no makeup, so she looks naturally beautiful but not too beautiful; the small gap between her teeth, which John (of course) finds just adorable.

I’ve also started on my 1001 Books-to-Read-Before-you-Die list. I read The Great Gatsby, which took me a little while, and now I’m reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes edition. It’s over 1,100 pages, so it’ll take me a little while. It’s also written in old text with tiny font, so there’s another factor going against me finishing it.

But I will finish it. It’s on the list, after all.

The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson is another I’ve been diligently following. It’s amazing, probably one of my top favorite series of all time; and in that category are Libba Bray’s “Gemma Trilogy”, and Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Saga”, so that’s saying something. But they are just so….so right. I don’t know how to explain it, only that you have to read them yourself to appreciate it like I do.

Books are the ones thing in my life that hasn’t let me down. I’ve never lost interest in reading books (maybe on individual, but never as a whole), or lost my “muse” like I did with writing; books haven’t betrayed me, though a few have let down my expectations with cliffhangers endings (& the author not writing a sequel), or sad ones where the main character dies, or everyone dies. I just love reading. Sitting in a bookstore, ANY bookstore, with a good assortment of novels, preferrably of the vampire persuasion but not necessarily, and a comfortable place to sit with good lighting is just heaven. I can get lost in a fantastic world full of vampires or fairies, werepeople or New York socialites, and not feel judged, criticized, or dispproved of because I’m reading it. Fiction is my savior : )

Very soon I’ll be getting my new laptop, which means I’ll have more time to blog stuff from home. I’ll even upload a picture of it, if I can find my camera cord, so you guys can see it — it’s b-e-a-utiful. It’s also $700, which I will pay for overtime to my mother because the store won’t give a 17-yearold “store credit”. Bitches. Anyway. I’m really excited, and it’s far “prettier”, and technologically advanced than my old Dell. It’s an HP, by the way.

It’s just about that time where the bell rings in first period and I have to go on to World History, so I’m going to try and wrap this up. But, wordpress, I’ll tell you one thing: this website has helped me release things that I never thought I’d admit before. It helps me gather all my feelings about something and sort-of-organize it so I can better understand it. You’ve helped me realize some of my own idiocracies (that’s a word, right?) <– ironic example, actually, and see just what I’m missing in my life.


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