{You are invited…}

I totally feel like a girl now —–which I guess is a good thing, considering I am one —–; I have my nails painted red, my dress all hemmed and ready to wear, my hair layered and straightened, my shoes picked out, and my eyebrows waxed. All of this for my party tomorrow night, my black&white semi-formal birthday party that I’ve wanted to have since I was eight.

It really is going to be beautiful, weather permitting. All you wordpress readers will hear a very sad tale if it does not permit. But I’m going to think positive. Please, oh please, rain, hold out for two and a half hours Friday Night, August 14th.

Entertainment was the hardest thing I had to think up, but my friends really make their own entertainment. We amuse ourselves, I guess. Plus, I have Guitar Hero III that I’m going to turn on, and I’ll have a bonfire out in the backyard — not to mention food, music, and drinks. (Strictly non-alcoholic). So we should be good. I’m so afraid that people will show up and go “err…so this is it, huh?” 🙂

My brother is going to be there, and he is witty and a tad charming (at least with my female friends), as will be my sister Mystie, her husband, and my nephew. That is the only family, besides the parentals, allowed. Too many dysfunctions, disorders, and attitudes flying around this house otherwise. I love them, but my family will never be invited to another party where they might integrate with my friends. It just isn’t a good idea.

The back porch rails will be wrapped with gold linen, with a string of small lights on top of that. The back pato tables will have their umbrellas removed and put in storage, and will be covered with a delicate black tablecloth, and red plates, cups, napkins, and forks. The other table will just be one to sit at. I’ll have the drinks set up inside, the food outside, and the music blaring from my back porch’s speaker. I picked 40 songs (on two mix CDs) that I think everyone will agree on. We aren’t the pickiest crew, my friends and I, and alot of them are songs you can either sing, dance, or laugh at, so WE’RE GOOD. :)!

I am so excited/nervous for this, because it’ll be my first time playing host to this many people. Seventeen have RSVP’d, and I’m expecting at least thirteen of them to show up. It doesn’t sound like much in writing, but in person…that is alot of people counting on you to show them a good time. That sounded weird..but oh well.

So wish me and my party-go’ers luck! I really want it to be positive, with no redneck, dysfunctional fights, problems, or weather conditions. God willing.


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