Sorry for the sorta long absence, you guys — but I was at my aunt’s/grandmother’s for the past five days without computer or internet. So sorry.

But I have good news? 😀

I wrote three poems (on paper o_O) down while I was gone, that I’d like to share with you all, if you’d let me. The first is titled “I Will”:

For you
I would save the world,
I would drink the ocean,
I would walk thru flames.

For you
I would give up anything,
I would give into chaos,
I would surrender my life.

For you
are my world,
are my strength,
are my smile.

For you
are my muse,
are my love,
are my only adoration.

Now this poem, unlike many of the others I’ve given you, is not about anyone particularly. Yes, it’s a “love poem”, but just an example of one, not one of my many affectionate messages. This was simply wrote for my enjoyment, like “Sleep, my Beloved” was.
This next one is called “Gravitation”. No, I’m not writing Sci-Fi poetry yet 😉 It is another sort of gravitation:

I shall
not help it.
Whether or not it is
fair and true
for me to love you,
I can find not one snap
of doubt in my mind.

My blues
lock to you,
skimming past your face,
out of place
are the feelings
I have for you too.

As you skim this room,
you flash your smile.
I sit for a while,
watching the fine
girl sip my wine
by your side.

That beautiful side
I used to rest near,
to tickle your neck–
and breathe in your ear,
now has hanging upon it
a siren so clear-ly
weaving her song
to pull you away.

As the one before it, “Gravitation” is written for pleasure, not message. It’s almost a story idea, for me, but one that has been written since the dawning of Shakespeare’s Ro & Ju, and I do not wish to write it again. A simple poem did it for me, in meaning, in purpose.
This last one is much different in tone than the last two; it’s called “My Sweet Lies”. This poem is both desperate and rushed, moreso than the last, because it may be spoken by someone on their death bed:

Lie to me, my sweet,
lie and make me believe
so that I might accept these
delusions of grandeur
and no longer envy
those of sane mind and conscious.

Lie to me, my love,
and promise that you’ll stay here
by my side
until the last shade of white
leave my skin,
 and my thoughts lose their sense.

Lie to me, oh dear,
the dark is coming fast.
It has arrived now
to cut the tendons,
the ties,
that bind me to this world
and you.

So lie to me, my sweet,
to keep me unaware.
Tell me of great cities,
brilliant men,
and delicate pretties.
Do this deed for me,
so I can rest with peace
and comfort,
sure that my life has been
so fulfilled with wonder.


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