“By the Starlight”

I love poetry at this point. :)!

The stars blink at me from their heavenly canvas.
They are lighthouses to guide me,
flashing beacons millions of years older than us all.

I watch one flutter and streak
across the pitch blackness,
and disappear without a word.

I fantasize that someone, somewhere,
maybe here on Earth,
or out on some undiscovered planet,
watched that flame die out with me.
It makes me feel somewhat less alone.

Ah, and there is another!
One more joyous kinship drawn together by the night sky.
I marvel at their beauty.
I admire nothing but open.


This poem was actually one I typed out on my phone and saved to my drafts a couple months ago. I like it because of it’s “star-crossed” tone. So this isn’t exactly my best work, but is another one of my little creations I wanted to share with you all. If anyone is even reading this anymore 🙂


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