Bucket List!

A “Bucket List” is a list of things you wish to do before you “kick the bucket” — before you die.
A friend of mine, and me, obviously, made ours the past weekend.
Nothing on this list can be used against me; none of them have been fulfilled as of yet: they are all truthful wants, and each one has its secret meaning that you don’t or can’t know. So no judging, ladies and gentlemen. ;D

(1_) Share my first kiss with a boy I’ll remember, and who will remember me.
(2_) Bungee jump –twice
(3_) Go deep sea diving with professionals
(4_) Lose my virginity to my husband on our wedding night.
(5_) Make friends with a small town butcher.
(6_) Read a Jane Austen novel.
(7_) Visit Seatlle and have cobbler in a diner there.
(8_) Go whale-watching in Vancouver.
(9_) Explore the ruins of Old Rome.
(10_) Take a picture, personally, of Mt. Everest.
(11_) Go to the Australia Zoo in memory of Steve Irwin.
(12_) Visit Steve Irwin’s gravesite while there to pay tribute.
(13_) Meet David Mech.
(14_) Publish a novel.
(15_) Publish two poems.
(16_) Visit Vatican City.
(17_) Shake hands and have a conversation with an Alaskan crab fisherman.
(18_) Donate $1,000 to a family in need somewhere in the world, near or far.
(19_) Observe and photograph a wild wolf pack.
(20_) Meet and thank an active soldier.
(21_) Drive through and stay at a bed-‘n-breakfast in a small American town.
(22_) Sip a fruit smoothie on a Hawaiian beach.
(23_) Decorate my own house for the first time.
(24_) Take an Anatomy class.
(25_) Get a Master’s degree.
(26_) Help build something important.
(27_) Befriend a soldier.
(28_) Learn how to read music.
(29_) Learn how a clock works.
(30_) Be in two places at once.
(31_) Tour through Washington D.C. with a native.
(32_) Spend the night under the stars.
(33_) Skinny dip in a river with friends just because we can.
(34_) Have a true ‘Girls Night Out’: dancing, drinking — no guys.
(35_) Cuddle by a bonfire.
(36_) Eat at a Bobby Flay restaurant.
(37_) Watch a Civil War reenactment.
(38_) Visit the beaches of Normandy, Omaha.
(39_) Be the leader of something.
(40_) See and photograph a glacier.
(41_) Go to my Senior Prom, all dressed up with happy spirits.
(42_) Go to a real fashion show.
(43_) Visit Ireland and stay for two weeks.
(44_) Go to a real genuine music venue.
(45_) Graduate from a four-year college.
(46_) Believe in love.
(47_) Witness a miracle.
(48_) Do something reckless.
(49_) Visit Madagascar.
(50_) Adopt an animal.
(51_) Stay at a lake house.
(52_) Fly in an airplane.
(53_) Know all the neighbors on the street of my first house personally.
(54_) Have a true best friend.
(55_) Visit Boston, Massachussets.

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