“Irrevocable”. Final!

I made a final decision, reworded some things. You guys, here’s the final product (the /s are ‘Enter’ spaces):

Tension by thy breath,/ tight skin over high bones/ I lay there holding,/ frantic wet, all bundles/ gathering the lies and concealing/ one of my many love notes./
That boy will be my death,/ when he won’t/ ever, reveal heart/ because it does not exist./ Our moist kisses are long,/ and invisible./
Chip on his shoulder’s facet/ big as The cross,/ And he is handsome still./ I watch him from my bay window,/ the bastard,/ fire from my heart to below./ I seem to overthink/ even the most obvious of tension./ He loves me./
He has long since,/ since the war,/ been the adoration of my affect;/ but he remains blind,/ and I remain a blade kept within its sheath./
Silent he slipped away/ to rid his guilt?/ to loosen my shame./ It seems to have done neither,/ the supple skin of his cheeks sunken,/ my eyes glossed red./ You beautiful boy, you idiotic/ masocist,/ all of our shame is to blame on you./
And he is beautiful still.

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