# 2 – Friday 2009

There was a little mini-poem I wrote last night, after I had posted “Irrevocable” — though I am not sure whether it is going to become a section IN Irrevocable, or if it is going to be a poem all its own. But either way (and I will update yes or no later), here it is:


He has long since,
since the war,
been the adoration of my affect;
but he remains blind,
and I remain a blade kept within its sheath.

Silent he slipped away
to rid his guilt?
to loosen my shame.
It seems to have done neither,
the supple skin of his cheeks sunken,
my eyes glossed red.
You beautiful boy, you idiotic
all of our shame is to blame on you.

And he is beautiful still.

I think I will probably work it in somehow into my other “poem”;
I forgot how soothing poetry is — how much I liked it. And it comes so easily, too.

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