Holy Chuck!

Chuck Bass, that is.
Actually, his name is Ed Westwick.

And my lord he is gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous that makes me ask why ALL men do not have inferiority complexes when they see guys like him.

I was first introduced to Mr. Hotness in his “badass” role as Chuck Bass on “Gossip Girl” — and ever since, I’ve been head-over-converse for the guy.

* (Exhibit A): He has an accent. A British accent. One of my weaknesses is accents.

* (Exhibit B): He has dark hair. I prefer dark hair. And he has dark, brownish-hazelish eyes that are just capturing. No dull brown — beautiful brown.

* (Exhibit C): Ed has a very nice boy, chest ‘n all. And to cover up that body is some pretty trend-setting fashion sense. Though he is from England, so the rest of us (here in the U.S.) may just be thinking he dresses different, but he’s just dressing as normal Englishmen do. I dunno. tehe…englishmen.

* (Exhibit D): Most of the time his face is completely clean-shaven, with a smooth “baby face”. I am not that attracted to mustaches or beards, completely against them as a matter of fact, so that makes me happy. He does sport the “scruffy” look every now-and-again, which even that doesn’t look bad on him! I’m wondering if this kid can look bad. 🙂

* (Exhibit DD): …did I mention the accent? Or the SINGING TALENT? He’s in a band called “The Filthy Youth”, he’s the lead singer — and he rocks. Out loud. In that adorring accent.

-fans self- I really need to visit England. Wanna see why?

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