Going Streaking.

I’ve had a rebellious streak going on lately, and I don’t know why! Honestly, nothing dramatic (that I’m not already used to) has happened in my life lately to cause this sort of change. First, I accidentally bring (and drop) my pocketknife to school, and then next, I’m *this* close from getting caught skipping school.

After the Graduation Test Monday afternoon two friends and I decided that we didn’t want to go through the rest of the day after those three hours — so we started walking out of the parking lot and one of our administrators drove up in a car and asked, “You ladies got a pass?!”
Of course…we didn’t. We didn’t “sign out”, because we are not Seniors so we can’t sign ourselves out. Luckily I am the sister of four brothers/sisters, so I can practically talk my way out of ANYTHING.

Which I did! He kept hesitating, talking into his walkie-talkie to the front office, since we’re obviously not the first dumbass teenagers he’s seen trying to cut school after a test. I think that was why he was driving around campus — looking or rebellious ones.

So I played it off like I was 100% dumb, looking at him innocently, I asked, “OH! You have to have a pass? Woah, okay; yeah, yes sir, we’ll go do that right now.” And he smiled and nodded, making sure we were headed towards the front office, and before he drove off I said (quite loudly), “Yeah, guys (talking to my friends) I don’t want to be accused of skipping or anything!” And the administrator heard me and yelled back, “I know! That’s what I’m trying to avoid — you guys getting in trouble.” I flashed a big smile at him, thanked him, and we all booked it back inside before he could say anything.

I ended up getting checked out anyway, since I still didn’t want to be at school, especially after my nerves’d been SHOT.

Like I said: I don’t know what’s up with me. But I need to get it fixed, and with a quickness.


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