Big Info On Campus

I, like tons of my fellow schoolmates, will be blogging about this today.
We had a gun threat at school today. And before you freak — nothing happened. With the gun threat, anyway.

By 1st period the rumor had spread a full circle around the students, and I heard it from at least three people before I’d even gone to my first class. It’s a highschool and I can’t exactly get in a car and leave (don’t have a car), so I was stuck there to endure the rumors and a tad of nervousness on my part until 2:30 when my sister got off and could come get me.

But on my way before 4th period, during class change, I walk through a large group of people who are…let’s say a photonegative of me. And WHAT ELSE falls out of my bad but my pocket knife. It’s fairly large (3 1/2 inches, I believe) and clearly recognizable. It is the same pocket knife my dad gave me back in August when we found out I was going to be in Atlanta alot. Atlanta isn’t the safest place to be, hospital or not, so he wanted me to have “protection”. That’s reasonable, and to make him feel better, I carry it.

So it falls out of my pocket, clatters across the floor, and like 15 people yell “What the hell is that?!!” They didn’t know it was mine until I picked it up, but once I did, I got some strange looks from those people around me. I heard many things then, some like “Come on, move!” I heard: “Oh shit, white girl has a knife”, among other things. I rolled my eyes at them, told them to grow up, that it was a pocketknife, put it in my pocket and walked on to class.

Within minutes five of my friends in that class knew about it, and one had offered to hold it for me if I needed to get it off my person; that was in case someone turned me in, and I got searched. But I declined her offer, as well as my other friend’s (same offer), because if they got caught and got in trouble with it, I would have felt megga-guilty, so I wasn’t going to put that on them. But I was wicked nervous because I almost knew I was going to get reported up to the office.

So I told a teacher that I absolutely trust not to rat on me reccomended that I tell an administrator before I did get reported and in even more serious trouble. She was right, but I wasn’t  ready to take her advice just yet.

The freshman office clerk, Mrs. Jones, the sweetest woman in the whole world, told me the same thing when I entrusted her with the story. Which I’ll never do again — because she didn’t give me a choice as to whether to talk to an administrator or not. She practically dragged me up there and said, “Yes, you have to do it, but it’ll be okay.” Pissed me off just a TAD, I even told her, “Oh why did I have to tell you,” but she only laughed about it.

So I talked to Mr. H. about it, telling him the whole story, the reason I had it, where it was. . . .
[Okay, techniqually I didn’t tell him the whole truth about where it was, because I told him that it was in the Yearbook room…and I insinuated (sp?) that my teacher had it. We (my generous female friend and I) decided to hide it inside the Yearbook’s printer, putting it beside the mechanics inside the printer, where you couldn’t really tell where it was, and then closed the printer back up. It was practical genius 🙂 But not too ethical.]
. . . . and then he told me and Mrs. Jones to go retrieve it, which I did with her out of the room (I couldn’t exactly let the office clerk see me reaching into the printer to get my pocketknife when I told them all it was in my purse/with my teacher). And then he took it, gave me “a firm talking to”, and after I was very sweet and respectful and polite, he told me to go back to class.


BAH. I can just hear tomorrow’s rumors now… That white girl had a knife! Oh yeah, I heard she pulled it on somebody! Shiiit, it wasn’t a gun threat, it was a knife threat! I can’t believe Amanda would do that! She seemed like such an innocent girl.

Ugh. Why did this have to be TODAY?


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