Shimmering Silver

I just woke up from the strangest dream. It was dramatic, it was suspenseful & terrifying, and calm at the same time.

Dreams never happen in order, but I’ll try to put down the plotline as much as I can while I can still remember it.

Daniel, Chloe, me, & my neighbor’s cat. That’s all the characters from it I can remember. We 3 snuck into a luncheon/press conference for President Obama, but when we got there it was only 3 and the event didn’t start until 9, so we dodged security (again) and took the elevator to the ground floor to look for something to do

Suddenly the dream switched (or I forgot) and Daniel had a laptop, an ollldd laptop; he kept saying, “We have to break into this thing, but it’s really difficult.” There was something on the harddrive that we desperately needed, and had to protect, but I forget what it is. The three of us came to this broken down, ivy-covered house/shack/building (it’s still fuzzy). I remember Chloe touching one of the tree limbs that had fallen through the holey roof and saying, “It looks much better in the dark.” (I guess we visited that place some time earlier in the dream) I was the one that discovered this little patch of shimmering silver on one of the tables. I swiped my hand across it, and every one attached itself to my hand.

I realize then that it wasn’t glitter or special effects, like it looked like, they were thousands of tiny silver bugs. And they multiplied when attached to a human host. Fast.

They spread to Daniel and Chloe’s legs quickly, and we found running was the only thing to shake them off. Once the bugs were off you they didn’t track you down or chase you, they just lay there on the ground as if they were in a trance. Daniel was still running with the computer and the bugs were beginning to hurt wherever they were touching.

We ended up at a house, my house I think, where Daniel pulled out the laptop and did something with it, finding out the information we needed. A last few bugs that had survived the drive over dropped off of us, and, as a group, moved into one of my neighbor’s backyard.
Daniel said, “They’ve migrated on; we should tell someone.” I in turn said, “No, they’re not a danger anymore. Let’s just go home.”

It was the most complete dream I’ve ever had. What Obama had to do with it, or my Chemistry friends had to do with it, I’ll never know. I remember their voices, Chloe and Daniel’s were very smooth and crisp, like  I was forcing words out and there voices flowed out of their mouths with ease. Silky voices. Don’t ask the significance, because I couldn’t tell you.

When I woke up (about 18 minutes ago), I felt a huge sense of relief. Whether it was relief from never having been exposed to those micro-chip looking bugs, or being out of the presence of Chloe and Daniel when I couldn’t compare to them, I don’t know. In the dream, I felt like a warrior. Warrioress, I suppose. But outside of it I remembered how ruged my voice was in comparison, and it made me feel small.

I thought back about my day, and wasn’t surprised that I’d had a dream like that. Daniel was in the theatre when I came in there today, with a laptop, focusing on something I didn’t know about. So there’s one part of the dream. Chloe and Daniel are the ones I talk to in my Chemistry class. So there’s another.
But beyond that, it was just a bunch of things I had on my mind, I guess.
So strange my mind is.


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