Blushes & Laughter & Plums, oh my (E)!

I am literally in the middle of something very strange.
I am eating a plum that tastes like liquor!

And before you ask…yes, I know what liquor tastes like. Strangely, and as shocking as it can be at first, I actually like it. Also, before you ask, oh no, I do not drink. Frequently, at least. I have been known to on a social occasion. But the plum tastes like Barcadi Superior & grape juice, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just aged.

Besides de plum, (that sounds like Sebastian off of the Little Mermaid…)
I did something else today (besides dragging my lazy bum all over the house lazily, watching STARZonDemand movies, eating Spinach&Mushroom pizza, and watching my neighbor’s dogs while they’re away on vacation (for denero!). I laughed.

No, I did not giggle. I did not scoff, or have a little chuckle (now I sound Irish). I LAUGHED. And it was over something so insignificant, and plain hilarious that if any other person had been in my bedroom when it started, they would’ve guess I’d gone plum out-of-my-mind. I will not discole in great detail what it was exactly that made me laugh. It was something I said to myself, something I’d heard my friend say many times and I hadn’t realized I’d begun to pick it up. Once I realized what was coming out of my mouth, the laughter started and I swear it just wouldn’t stop. My sides hurt from laughing so hard! I started crying because it was really just stupid enough to be super-amusing!! And I know if I hadn’t already been laying in the middle of my bed, I would have fallen off.

I was on my laptop, so I figured looking back at my computer and reading something on the screen would make it stop….and to my dismay…wouldn’t you know it that the very next screen that I pulled up, had a side-note from the author (I was reading Fanfiction) that read the exact word I had been laughing about. It was out of context, of course, because “in context” wouldn’t have made any sense unless it was from anyone but my friend, but it only made my “condition” worse. That poor author, from Zimbabwe or Wisconsin or wherever the heck she was from had no clue that a little “A/N Author’s Note” had me dying in laughter from my house in the southern U.S.

Needless to say, it didn’t help.
And typing this I have this big, stupid smile on my face that won’t go away, because writing it down (figuratively…I’m typing) just makes me remember it again and again, and it’s funny. At least I’ve stopped shaking from laughter.

Oh yeah!
And I blushed today!
James (one of my close guy friends I met over this summer) says I blush all the time, but I never really notice because my cheeks are always pink. I could be in the freezing cold, or in a stale, un-tempered room, and my cheeks would look the slightest tint of pink. I’ve always considered it a blessing because that’s money I don’t have to spend on blush =)
But my cheeks were bright pink in the mirror when I walked past it. It makes me feel like a little kid, but that’s good sometimes.

At least some part of me is still a kid while it can be. I like that part of me.

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