I escaped!

Yesterday, I was able to get up at 11 AM, be lazy for a few hours until I had to go to school at 1:15. Today?

I got to school at the normal time, but when third period was over (around 10:15), I rushed to text my brother to come get me. The problem?, you ask? I didn’t have the pass to leave the school. At all. I didn’t even fill out that “early release” form in the first place!
But…I was not about to sit in the lunch room for four hours until the buses showed up to take us home at the regular time. Sorry, but my Zune was dying, and I had no friends staying after, so I was not about to be bored out of my mind, sitting with all the freshmen that couldn’t get rides home either.

I told my brother just to pick me up at the front of the school. So I convinced my fourth period teacher that I needed to go to the office (which technically, I should have needed to go there), and bee-lined it straight out the front double doors. My brother wasn’t on my sign-out sheet and I really didn’t feel like going through all the trouble of calling my mom, getting permission, etc. It was easier just to walk out and into my brother’s awaiting truck.

I was out of there before lunch 😉 So to speak.


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