Me: Do you have Rachel’s number?
Him: No I don’t even think she has a phone
Me: Just figured you’d have it if anyone did.
Him: No she has my number but won’t call me or anything
Me: She’s probably scared to
Him: Y
Me: It’s an intimidation thing.
Him: Am I intimidating?
Me: To her, yes; To me, no.
Him: I know I don’t inimidate you but never knew I did her.
Me: You’re a guy, she doesn’t exactly know you THAT well. It’s intimidating.
Him: She knew me longer than u
Me: But not better.
Him: That is true i guess. Tell that chick if she wants she can give me a holla I’m not gunna be mean or anything.
Me: It’s not mean that she’d be worried about. Guys are hard to call, regardless.
Me: But I’ll tell her.
Him: True but she should know it’s alright to, but whenever just let her know
Me: She will, I bet. There you go with the “chick” thing again…:)
Him: Thanks and sorry.
Me: You never have to apologize. Btw, Poor cripple has crutches now 😦
Him: Katrina
Me: Of course. You should have seen her coming down her stairs New Years Eve. She had to sit on her ass and scoot.
Him: Lmao. I’d have killed to see that.
Me: I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so hard. And she was yelling, ‘Shut the hell up!’ down every one of the 20 steps.
Him: Oh god thats funny
Me: I had a good time 😉 We watched sappy romance movies and one Orlando Bloom movie, scarfing down chips and dip and apple cider/champagne in her bed.
Him: Cool. Not a bad way to spend a day
Me: No sir. We kept making each other laugh the whole time — we’re good at that. I distracted her from her ankle, she distracted my mind away from my dad.
Him: Well then I guess it ain’t too bad.
Me: Almost a full moon outside, Alex. Oww!!
Him: Have fun
Me: You’re the one that has to fly around so much, Mr. vampire.
Him: So.
Me: I just get fleas. XD Ahh, my parents are playing rap music!
Him: Hahaha.
Me: Don’t laugh at me, Alex Flowers. I’m stuck in a car with these rednecks.
Him: God that’s funny
Me: You, jerkface, you.
Him: That’s the best u got?
Him: Now we’re gettin a lil closer.
Me: I no talk to you no more.
(He called me out on my bluff here)
Him: We both know that’s bullshit
Me: True. Fine, asshole.
Him: There ya go.
Me: Are you satisfied now?
Him: Yes
Me: You MADE me cuss at you. I’ve tried to stop lately. Coldturkey.
Him: Makes no sense.
Me: …What? It’d be good for me. Hard, but good.
Him: True. Won’t last.
Me: I escaped the car! Victory!
Him: Good
Him: Where are you?
Me: Home. Why?
Him: Just wanted to make sure you got home okay. Nite, wolfy.
Me:  :)Goodnite Alex.


AND THAT was our conversation. Word-for-word, I believe.
Nothing jaw-dropping; nothing magnificent, but it’s the longest conversation I’ve had with him in weeks. Probably months, actually.

Obviously, if you read it, this is Alex. Yes, the one I spoke about previously, in one of my September posts. Yes, I’m still…over it, him, but when he’s all cute&cuddly instead of angry-face-stubborn like he can be sometimes, like he was c&c today, I just can’t help but falling for him again. Just a litttle bit. But I’ve snapped myself back into cold reality before anything could get a foothold. Never, never, never, I keep repeating to myself. Maybe one day I’ll actually believe it myself. I’ll let you know how that works. -sigh-

If you were wondering why I was howling, (“Oww!!”), he calls me his “wolfgirl.” “My wolfgirl”, or his “Oprah”; because I give him so much advice (..usually on his love life…) and he says I am so good at it I should have a talk show. But I’ve tried with some of my other friends and, er, no. Just him. Somehow I just understand him well enough to GET what he means before he even knows what he means, if that makes sense. He is my vampire, for many reasons, and NO, I am not making an Edward Cullen reference at all. Alex is his own, special breed.

And I have been trying to stop cussing. That’s the first time I’ve slipped up in like…four hours. 🙂 School brings out the worst in me, I’m sorry. But I am trying. I just have common influences..ahem. Julie, Daniel…=) He hurt me with the “She’s known me longer than you” bit. I kind of winced at the text, but I was confident enough with my reply, “But not better.”, because I know her and she loves him for his awesome looks. Not his awesome self, or not as much, anyway. I see Alex, I see this playful little kid that made a Furby reference (yes…Furby) when he was at my house, who let me put makeup (tehehehe) on him when he was at my house, who is afraid of water, who wants love, who admits things to me no guy ever has before, personal things about himself that are usually kept hidden behind brick walls, a dragon, and a moat with everyone else he talks to. I am one privelaged enough to be let in.

I miss my best guy friend — those are HARD to replace!

Especially one I grew so close to, like Alex. He was alot like me, though he didn’t have my beliefs and my anti-social personality (surprisingly). He hated everyone equally 🙂 I hate specifics. But he was also one of the funniest people you will ever meet.

Agh, I’m doing it again! Hopeless is me.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie Bailey
    Jan 09, 2009 @ 22:18:51

    NO. I can’t let you go down this path again. 😦 😦

    It’s because I care about, lovely. ❤

  2. amanda
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 06:59:46

    I’m not trying to!
    …it’s just hard, when I remember him how he used to be, and how he’s acted lately.

    He was an awesome friend & I miss him.
    There are just times where I think that flame’s still there.

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