Oh you scammer!

I have noticed a perculiar pattern going on around Paulding county. Credit card fraud and theft.

The first “case” I heard was my brother-in-law & my sister losing $2500 in just two months. They said someone was steadily draining dollars out of their joint account, and records showed that neither of them had purchased  anything with either one of their credit cards or checks. Luckily, the bank took record of this and reimbursed them for all the expenses lost, but not before they had to worry about rent and car payments.

The next was my step-father’s credit account being draind of $5,000 at a Home Depot in Jacksonville…and considering we don’t live anywhere near Florida, and he was at home asleep in his bed at the time, someone stole account information from him as well. The bank has a rule that they must contanct the person if a charge is taken out over a certain amount. So they called my step-dad and he said, no, he was at home, and they denied the charge. So luckily, he wasn’t out of that money.

I read on N’s blog that someone stole her mother’s credit card too.

And that is only the people I know firsthand. Is there some kind of fraud mob going around or something? It’s just a sudden, weird pattern. Will update if more cases are found ;]

Private Eye Wolfy, on the case.

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