The hair, it is gone.

Not mine. Robert Pattinson’s.
But you know what I have to say about it, the only thing I have to say?


Now these screaming fangirls that are so sure that he is Edward Cullen can get over him. People, he is awesome not because of the role he plays, but because of how well he actually plays it. He’s played in a ton of other awesome movies too, “How To Be”, and yes, “HP4: Goblet of Fire”; and he has a new film coming out shortly, “Little Ashes”, based on the life of Salvador Dali.

I respect actors as actors. And yes, I will admit that I am an Edward Cullen fangirl. And a huge Robert Pattinson fan. But I don’t get those two mixed. He’s not the only actor I am a fan of, and I feel deeply sorry for him when at book signings he has girls going, “Oops! I just called you Edward…”

He cut his hair and if I knew any better I would think it was an attempt to see who loved him for him, not for his roles. And the Twi-fans and RPattz fans all seem to have mixed opinions about it. Frankly I think it is his hair and he can do whatever the bloody hell he wants to do with it. Leave him alone people; stop saying it’s the “hair cut heard ’round the world.” Yeah. That was an actual News Article Headline.  :] I’d support him if he was bald.


okay, maybe not bald. *grins*

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