Out of the Stone Age, and with LCD too

I finished up all the “unwrapping, gifting, smiling, picture-taking” deal about an hour ago, ate breakfast, got dressed, and so now I figured I’d get on here and share my list with you all.
My family isn’t exactly rolling in it, especially not after the tax-problem with the thouse, so it isn’t huge; but I got everything that I wanted, and I’m definitely not complaining:

-My Twilight zip-hoodie! (precious)
-An LCD HDTV 15″ Flatscreen for my room.
-Black, fur-rimmed Ugg boots (snow boots)
-Six different long necklaces that hang down mid-shirt
-Sapphire Earrings
-Two new perfumes; Nollie & Bergamot
-The two books I bought yesterday at Borders
-An Aeropostale hoodie
-A black peacoat that cuts off almost at the knee; it’s long & black, and I have a grey scarf to go with it.
-Pajama bottoms & house shoes (the most comfortable kind you’ll never find)
-Two pairs of jeans
-A silver watch
-About 2,000 SOCKS. =] Only a slight exaggeration.

& then there was the basic candy & knicks like scratchoffs in my stocking. This Christmas was mainly for my mom’s grandkids, so I for once was not expecting us (my stepsister and I) to be the center of attention. Which is fine for me, because I’d rather be out of the limelight when it comes to my family’s attention. With me it always turns into some type of arguing if I don’t stay in the shadows.

I probably won’t be on the computer anymore today, but I might post tomorrow. The rest of my family should be arriving at the house in a few hours, and that’ll be the highlight of my day. Good’morrow, luvs.

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  1. sampan
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 15:50:37

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