My life has actually been interesting lately…

Who knew?!
It’s been pretty cool to be me. :]

I got out of school (for the next 2 weeks) Friday, THANK GOODNESS, and after eating some rather delicious vegetable Chinese (w/eggroll!), I was whisked away to my friend Nicole’s house.
It. was. awesome. Expected it to be 😉 *huggles N*
I call her N. Probably annoys the crud outta her, but it’s become another habit of mine. -shrug-
We stayed up till like 1:30 watching The Dark Knight and The Other Boelyn Girl, which TOBG was a good and thoroughly heartbreaking movie; whilst The Dark Knight was rather disappointed. My expectations were set too high, I suppose, because I watched it and the whole time my minds thinking, “This is what held the box office for so long? That’s what’s making so much money?” But, oh well; I’m just not the “comics & superheroes” fans that a few of my friends are. It’s all just become too cliche` and predictable to me, quite so.

Then after the movies we stayed up to about FOUR THIRTY talking & laughing, eating (unhealthily…) salt&vinegar kettle chips (mm, if heaven had a taste!?! Yum) and talking some more. She helped settle my thoughts about college, I caught her up on some of the gossip at SPHS that she missed. ‘Twas wonderful all around. 

The next day we ate Taco Bell for dinner. Yum!
So then I leave her house late (ahem..saturday night!). I was already suffering from a bad case of sleep-deprivation from the night before, so I went straight to bed and didn’t get up until this morning around 11! I know, I’z so lazy!! But it was an enjoyable lazy. Luvs 🙂

My grandmother was hosting an early “Christmas dinner” that I was somehow tricked into attending;, I wanted to go. I’m trying to get myself out of my room alot more often, and I love spending time with my family. Plus I got to spend more time with my dad. No, for those of you who might possibly have been wondering, he’s not doing any better. His paralysis problems are actually getting worse, and it has be scared to death.

But this post is not about the sad in my life, it’s about the happy. Today he did seem really happy; and the rest of my family was really glad to see me. Since I spent Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family, my dad’s side hadn’t seen me since probably..LAST Christmas. For some of them, the others saw me at my aunt’s last babyshower in early June. Which was still a long time ago.
They were all very hilarious and seet, and I enjoyed spending time with them. My cousin, Chris, my age, was as annoying and funny as ever, but I wouldn’t love him any other way. And my granny’s just a fun person to be around.

So now I’m sitting at my house, on my laptop, updating myself with all the things I’ve missed without internet for the past two days. There must be a whole lot because I’m on the computer at 3 AM and this is the first time I logged on to wordpress. My weekend was successful: hang out with friends, check, eat yummy and similarily unhealthy food, check, CRY with said friends about the saddest movie ever known to the history of hopeless romantics and probably one of the worst endings ever ever, check, see my dad and the rest of my family, check, be decent with some of my other friends, also check. I also borrowed ‘The Blood Diamond’, ‘The Covenant’, and ‘Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End’, all of which I’ve wanted to see. I’ve seen POTC:3 once, but it’s always nice to see them again. In fact, since I can’t fall asleep (and yes, it’s still 3AM, I don’t know what the heck’s up with my sleep capabilities lately, I might just go watch that. Love me some Steven Strait & Sebastian Stan.

Yay :]] It’s good to be me sometimes.

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  1. Nicole
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 08:41:22

    Hahah! It’s 3:32am and I can’t manage to sleep either.. I’m about to livejournal. 😛 haha.

    No mam, N does NOT bug the crap out of me! It’s not annoying since it’s rather simple and not ending with an “ey” you know.. the unconsciously said “nicoley” or any of that nonsense. The typical nick name my friends call me is “colie” and it tends to make me feel really young, really quickly.

    We did have so much fun! Although, not gonna lie, I’ve felt pretty “junk-food” sick the past couple of days… and LAZY like no other!!! TOBG has to make my top 20 list of favorite movies, not gonna lie, simply because it has a very rare talent of keeping me anxiously awaiting the next event. I’m glad I could calm your nerves about college.. it’s really NOT as nerve racking as you think about the friendship part. The work load is something that would be great if I had less of but that’s the whole point of college, to actually do work. I like it though. Oh, Amanda, all my wonderful friends at school I told you about? We webcamed tonight, a sight to see! There was like TWELVE of us trying to figure it all out!! It worked out in the end only to find out that we had been working on it for an hour and it was getting late… so let’s just stay up another hour. Lol. You’ll be just fine in college. .. that reminds me.. I need to look up visitation / break days.. hmmmm…

    And your family loves you, with or without desire. It’s just a natural punishment we all carry.

    Oh, and I know I already talked about movies but I forgot to mention Dark Knight, for some reason, I don’t feel a need to feel depressed for three hours straight. I don’t know. It might just be because I hate the fact the world does have purely evil people in the world and I unfortunately have encountered some. Eh, it’s just a movie. Right?

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