I hear Sleigh Bells ^.^

I have developed a new habit. Bad habit.
For nearly this entire week I have been coming home from school and going straight to bed. I’d eat something (because I don’t eat lunch at school), grab a drink of something, and curl up in my bed with my book.

I never get more than a few pages in before I’m dozing off; and then I wake up at two in the morning, with missed text messages on my phone, IMs on my computer where I accidentally forgot one of my friends (Sorry, N!). I just can’t seem to stay awake!

Ever got in from school, thrown your bag down, curled up in a nice comfy couch with a thick blanket and a cup of ice water? How was I not supposed to fall asleep this afternoon?
I am writing to you at 2:30 in the morning, and…I have to get up at around 6:40 AM tomorrow if I’m going to get all that I want to get done before my mom takes me to school. And that is finishing a Powerpoint project, and filling out a sheet for government.

TOMORROW (or today, rather) IS FRIDAY!
Oh, sweet Friday. I’ve been looking forward to you since Saturday. I get out of school for two weeks. I get to spend the night with Nicole Friday night which’ll be awesome in itself! And I get to see my dad alot more frequently. And it’s Christmas! How can one not be happy at this time of year?!

So many thing have been cleared up for me, straightened out, and brought to a close lately. It feels like I can step back from (me) and relax, spend time with friends & family, just enjoy myself. I don’t like being so uptight and wary, anxious and pissed off. That’s not me, that’s not how I should act. But I’m happy now 🙂 See the smiley? Happy.

Let’s keep it that way, shall we.

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