Mac! :D My lovely Mac.

It was so strange to him, that something like this could feel so different than everything else. He didn’t really even understand it, but maybe he didn’t have to. This wasn’t something he was used to to. Feeling this way. Alan wanted to laugh right now. But he also wanted to cry. He wanted to shout in victory and punch the air, but he also wanted to break down and pretend that his life up until this moment didn’t really happen. That would have been a mistake, and although he wasn’t thinking about this aspect of the situation, it was true. If he hadn’t shot that man, if his dad hadn’t been a drunk, then he would never have met her. This wouldn’t be happening right now. But of course, a thousand things ran through his head right now. Where was this going? What happened afterwards? Was she really in love with him? How was this going to even work? The last time it happened, it ended badly. He didn’t want that for them. Hell, he hadn’t wanted it for the other girl either, but he didn’t have a choice. He thought maybe he did have a choice with PJ for all of two seconds, but then his mind got rid of that. He was gonna screw this up just like every other time.

Okay. He had to stop this. He had to stop his mind from thinking anything else. All that other stuff shouldn’t even metter right now, he thought to himself. He was so foolish. He wanted everything to do with her, but the cops sure wouldn’t if they found him. He wanted to stop thinking about it. He had to. Alan didn’t show any other emotion on his face but pure joy as their lips melted together, because on top of all these questions and worry in his head, was the best night he knew he’d had in a long time. It was a great feeling that was pushing all the other thoughts aside, and as the image of her face popped into Alan’s head, they did go away. And suddenly, he was back in the present moment where all that mattered to him was them. So he grinned a little more into their kiss and felt her rock forward a little against him. He supported any weight she put on him and it was all fine and well. He felt like he could pick her up and swing her around with the new adrenaline rush through his veins. Alan squeezed her waist a little; a sign that he didn’t want to let her go.

Until he had to break away to breathe, he kissed her passionantley. It wasn’t like one of the girls form his one night stands at all. That was so different than this. But when he did pull away, he didn’t let go of her. He just held her there, against his chest and looked at her for a while. She was so beautiful, that he never wanted to look away. So he sighed and then chuckled a little. Well this surely was the crazyest night he’d had in a while. And there wasn’t even any alcohol involved. Wow. Alan kissed her briefly on the forehead, wondering what his next move should have been. “Well.” he mumbled, not letting his smile falter. “The only thing that could ruin this, would be you leaving. Sooo…” Alan let go of her waist and took her hand in his in one motion. “You don’t plan on going anywhere tonight, do you?”

AH. =] I already disclosed to you guys that I roleplay, right? Well I have been waiting since late July, early August for that reply from Becca. Yes, usually posts are longer, but Becca (who roleplays Mac, the character from the exerpt I just shared with you all) never disappoints to increase the length of her posts once we’ve gotten back into the swing of things.

I play P.J., Presley Joe Summers; she is the girl he is kissing. Let’s start off by saying that their relationship is pure and innocent and very, very new. This kiss was their “declaration” for one another; a sign that the two of them had feelings for each other. To read the rest of this thread (a.k.a. chapter, scene, etc.), go to On that website you scroll down and to the right you will see a link titled “Mac & P.J.”
I set up this fake website for only she and I to use, so we could go back and see what we’d written beforehand. I trust you all and I’d like to share my writing with you, so you can venture back and look at what we’d written; it is really quite a wonderful story. Unfortunately, the site we (the actual people, not the characters) met on, Time to Pretend, was closed down; so I do not have any of the other threads for you all to read. But we have this one,  and it is the key one.

It is such a cute story: and Mac is my very favorite character. At the beginning of that thread (on the site I linked to you) there are profiles where you can read all about the two characters. It tells descrptions, personality traits, histories, gives pictures, etc. And then as you scroll further, the actual thread (chapter) begins.

Any questions? Comment me, or since I know all of  you, email/myspace me :]


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