Chris Weitz is directing ‘New Moon’!

Okay, so he wasn’t my number one director off the list of “possiblities”, but he was my second favorite. I liked David Fincher better, because he has amazing special effects experiences in the past, but Weitz has a similar background with movies like “About a Boy”, “The Golden Compass”, and he has humor experience with “American Pie.” So I approve 🙂

Plus, according to Stephenie Meyer, he is very aware of this saga’s fanbase, and how closely we’re going to be watching everything he decides. We’ll be (or at least I will be) watching every cast pick, and I’m going to be really disappointed in him if he replaced Taylor Lautner with someone like Steven Strait or Michael Copon. Yes, they are quite adorable and both look Native American — but Jacob Black is a better fit for Taylor Lautner all around. He can pull off the sweet, friendly aspect, without seeming gay or just plain idiotic.

I expected his acting to need work when I watched the movie at the premiere, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a 16 year-old actor who acted like he’d been doing this for twenty years. I saw mistakes, but I personally made sure not to sit there and analyze this movie (‘Twilight‘) If you spend those two hours analyzing the movie, comparing it to the book and such, it’s going to suck for anyone. Just sit down and enjoy it as a great movie. If you can get it through your stubborn mind to do that, Twilight is just as good as all of us said it would be. And more, so much more. They stuck to the storyline near-perfectly. Kudos, Catherine Hardwicke! (Twilight director).

Chris Weitz, you have your work cut out for you. I’m glad that they are starting the pre-production in the next few weeks, and that the filming is scheduled to start in mid-March. Summit Entertainment made a wise choice to set the release date earlier than mid-2010 like Catherine Hardwicke had originally wanted it to be. Fans are not going to wait pleasantly that long. :]

So as long as he keeps talking with the actor, keeps the fangs (I mean fans) in mind, Weitz should do a smashing good job with ‘New Moon.’ As heartbreaking as this movie is going to be (you will know if you’d read New Moon, SMeyer’s book), I’ll still go out and support it by watching it several times over. Just like I did with ‘Twilight’, and just like I’m continuing to do.

Twilight made IMDB’s “Top 25 films of 2008” list, as NUMBER TWO. Second only to ‘The Dark Knight‘, which was an amazing movie as well. It’s up there rivaling ‘Titanic‘ right now, with almost $530 million dollars grossed in just the United States and Canada ALONE. Brilliant. But Twilight made number two out of the whole year!
And I’m just happy with that!!

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