Vegetarian Vampire? Wah?

Yes — I am a vegetarian. I don’t eat anything that has meat in it.
What alot of people around here don’t seem to understand, is that that does not mean I am a veagan. I eat cheese, and dairy products, I can eat anything I want to; I just don’t want to eat meat. It’s a personal choice for my own reasons and for some reason people are having a hard time grasping that.
286 days so far! :]]] My one year mark will be coming up soon enough.

I’ve been all giggles & smiles lately because it is less than two weeks until the much anticipated ‘Twilight‘ movie premieres. 12 days, acshually. And it couldn’t get here any sooner! A friend of mine already has a bootleg copy of it on pirated DVD — but I won’t even give her the time of day to ask to see it. When I see Twilight, at least for the first time, it is going to be on the official Big Screen, enjoying every minute of romance, thrill, and action that it has.
No way will the movie compare to the book, I’m well aware of that and have gotten plenty of criticizm for looking forward to it so much. But I know that for true Twilight fans, anything about the Twilight Saga that we haven’t seen (pictures, posters, trailers, the move) is important to look at. I’ve watched alot of interviews with Stephenie Meyer because she is a best-selling, amazing author. She gives tips to upcoming writers, and I love hearing her talk with someone else about the book because I  like to talk about the book.

But that’s just me. 12 days… 🙂 That Thursday I’m going to be completely impossible to talk to, hehe.

Super, beautiful November morning. November. This year is going by too fast.

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