Friggin whiz!

I had a weird dream and thought — hrm, let’s blog about it, shall we?

Not that anyone would specifically care about my dreams. Ohkay maybe a psychologist– …but that’s a whole different story 😉

No, this dream was weird because it was a combination of alot of different, normal things, but slammed together in one ten minute dream, they turned the whole thing really weird. I was sitting on this big white marble slab in the middle of the ocean (it’s a dream…work w/ me here), and there is this cheese wheel in my lap. I look down and go “Friggin whiz, why the hizzle is a cheese wheel in my lap?” And suddenly my friend Katrina comes out of nowhere an screams, “Because your mom had sex with a mouse!”

That was my dream in it’s entirety. WOW. I woke up thinking what is a hizzle, and why did my mom sleep with a mouse…. I think my subconscious has a sense of humor.

Glad to have your dose of random? Me too. *blurbs*

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