Forget the Summer Breeze, bring on the chills

Yes, the chills in ever sense of the word.

FINALLY, after months of waiting, the air outside has cooled down a microscopic few points. But that is enough for me. In the damn South we rarely get cold weather before late-September, so I’m grateful for the early chill. I walked outside today and nearly squeaked with happiness– I could wear a jacket. Jacket’s are sooo comfortable, and hoodies, OMFGZ. Woolie bliss!

And besides the weather, I can get my own chills in school. But these are the kind you can’t fix with a jacket or a sweater. These shivers make you feel like you could just unlatch yourself from your skin and scurry away, but of course you can’t, and you’re stuck there wondering why you’re such a blumbering idiot. I get these alot.

A good antidote to the uneasiness is one of Darien’s hugs! :]] Best hug-giver in the world; he’s been good at keeping me sane this year without Alex. I’m trying to get a sense of school-life without him. Totally hard. There are very few people at that school that don’t obsess about Gossip, Social Ladders, and Hallway Makeouts — and I think those few people make up 90% of my friends.  So when I come out of Yearbook (honestly the most relaxing && stressful class of the day), I get one hug every day. It helps calm me before I get to Chemistry: My most boring class of the day.

As a matter-O-fact, that class has dramatically improved over the past few weeks. There are now people there that I can communicate without wanting to knock them over the head because of their sheer stupidity. But they are few in number: about three. I know I shouldn’t judge any of the others, but REALLY PEOPLE. How does one make it to the 11th grade without knowing what an atom is? That it is seperated into three parts? We’ve all taken Physical Science twice in our life — 6th grade AND 9th grade! What the hell? Did they sleep through those two years or something?

I guess it’s just me peeving.  I’ll turn to a lighter note. I have a serious case of the Butterflies. I guess it’s totally wrong for me to have them, for so many reasons including: they’re most likely completely useless. It hasn’t happened yet, why am I expecting it to happen anytime soon? Just get through it, and come back to me.

My eyes are thanking me gladly that they don’t have to get up at six o’clock tomorrow morning. Why, you ask? Because it’s  a SATURDAY!! And although I have my baby cousin’s first year birthday party to go to, that’s not till the afternoon, so I might get a full 9 hour sleep. But let’s just hope 😉

— I am writing to you, whoever thee may be, from the smallest town on Earth, Georgia.

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