A Twilight Hour

Okay…so I’m sure everyone who’s reading this already knows by now, but I have a new…hobby? Obsession? Okay let’s try to rephrase this: My time is now being devotedly spent in– getting to know my Twilight plotlines, looking up pictures and YES..fanfictions. Some of them are seriously as cute as they could have been if I had type them up myself.

If anyone is reading this going OH NO, SHE’S ONE OF THEM. A Twilighter! Run!

NO. We are normal…or at least I am. But the inspiration that Edward is to Bella’s life (no spoilers going to be in this post, so no worries to those who haven’t made it through the first book yet :)) was kind of an inspiration to mine. The sheer love, the utteral compassion and devotion that he shows to her throughout the series is the exact kind of love that I look for. No, I don’t expect to find it in my Junior, or maybe even my Senior year in highschool, but who knows? Course I would have to find that love first. But the sheer caring he shows for her, despite his constant battles with his innerself (who he considers a monster), is just so breathtakingly sweet. I’m desperate for that type of passion. And I pray to God that one day, somehow, I’d be able to experience that love for just a split moment. I experience that, and I could die a happy hopeless romantic girl.

Edward’s not a bad addition to the book either! X] -raises eyebrows suggestively-

Not only his hotness, but his charm. I’m a sucker for elequant, well-thought-out charms! And Edward has had 108 years to practice his. hehehe. And if you all don’t already know (if I haven’t screamed it in your ear since I first heard it) THE MOVIE PREMIERES NOVEMBER 21ST. I’m going with at least fifteen people, and I’m going to paint my face and wear gold contacts. Laura & I are going to do it, at least. I don’t know about the rest of you awesonesses. You should! I will assist in any costume making, hehe. I’m making my own “Team Edward” Shirt.

Goodnigt, luvs.

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